winter 0.1

i took this video the other day on the way to my friend's place.
it's not really, that i'm into all that christmas related decorations - i'm usually not even in the mood for it till it's over - but i do love to look at all those 'normal' light installations. when the whole city is covered in those tiny little lights (at night) it's one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen.

on a bit more unrelated note: it's getting freakin' cold over here these days so i began to get my hands on some nice warm basic things like long-sleeves, thermo leggings (let's see how long i can put off wearing real pants this year) and such.
one of the things i was looking for was a new cardigan. i once owned the perfect one from h&m but i managed to lose it some months ago and since then i was on a desperate hunt for a new one. sometimes i would even buy one but always end up returning it. now i finally settled for one from zara, though it's not 'perfect'. well, it's the closest it can get.

what i got myself, too (though it doesn't even has sleeves. but let's ignore that.) is this awesome vest. worn over my new long-sleeve like dress, it keeps my torso really warm. you saw it already in my earlier post.

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