webcam pics? oh yeah I know you love 'em

sometimes when you see another person in an outfit you really wanna wear it yourself. it's not even an inspiration, it's just obvious copying but hell, who cares.

and when you do it, when you recreate an outfit you liked on someone else, most of the time it won't feel right, it won't feel like it did when you looked at it on that other person for whatever reason - maybe you haven't got the right clothes to pull it off, maybe there's a key point missing, maybe you just found that other person so dazzling and beautiful that even when you wear the same stuff you won't ever feel yourself to be as pretty as them.

and sometimes you will like it.

but what the hell, just dance as you feel and everything will be fine.


second hand may be the best hand

not sure about the size though, seems either too small or too big. we'll see. maybe it'st just me that can only take shitty awkward webcam pics.

and why do those shops smell like they do?



here, have some webcam pictures of me. again.

yesterday I met with P. and exchanged my bomberjacket for this motorcycle jacket. I wanted one like these for ever now but with this I am still not sure.

you see, when you're big busted like I am no jacket ever fits you right. It's either too small on the breasts or too big on the shoulders and all this shit.

this one got some like.. 'bumps' I hope you can see it on the pictures but by taking many shitty webcam pics and running around in an empty office and looking into every reflecting surface made me like it.

your opinion?



help me ?

should I keep this bomberjacket? still not sure.

seems like this will end in something like a webcam blog? or just me when I am bored at work, who knows. and who the fuck cares anyway.


instagram sum up


I am still contemplating whether or not to post here again on a regular basis.

Of course I'd love to but I had my reasons to drop out of this 'fashion blogger' scene and if I return this won't be a fashion blog anymore anyways (unless it's inspiration).. maybe I will get the urge to write about my life again some day - hell, if I got time for it that is !

My official job training that's gonna last 3 years will begin in february. I guess my title will be tradeswoman for audi-visual media or something.

Maybe I will talk about it some more in my next post - if there will be one.

cheerio my friends and thanks to all of you that still stick with me after such a long time. (and yes I know most of you just never clean out their readers. )