hold on to things you love

this is, in fact, a love i share with many.

especially with my dear anna.

models like him should be used more often in this business. ok but on the other hand, then he wouldn't be that unique anymore, right? still, i would like to see more of this.


pure perfection part 2

this song leads your memory to long forgotten times

now i am finally done with all the fashion week entries, skipping those about what we got at the shows itselves like totes and so on.

which leads us to yesterday.

sweater new yorker circle scarf diy skirt H&M tights C&A shoes vintage bag a-lab milano

i LOVE this tote. got it at the 'italien designers - next generation' show and it is from a-lab milano, the designer i liked best at the show.

met up with some friends and dragged inga again to take pictures of me just like the last two times or so.
but still i tried to take some decent boredom shots when i arrived home. again in the bathroom, since the light in there is the best in the whole flat.

btw i may be returning my cam. it is just really annoying that everytime i take pictures with flash there is dust on the lense eventhough i cleaned it. seems like a system error or anything.

23-01-10 fashion week last day & closing party at .hbc

with anna at michael sontag

i, anna, alice, maishion, domectro

just the girls again

pictures party by me, partly by maishion

21-01-10 fashion week day 2

me & olga

olga and I with julia

20-01-10 fahion week day 1

how we came and how we went again.


pure perfection.

SHINee- Ring Ding Dong MV

beside the fact that the song itself is just hilarious, i am posting this because of the band member's outfits.

i rarely find guys dressed this well, even though i bet it's a stylist's work. i would like to meet the person who picked their outfits.

the missing entries about fashion week, containing the closing party at hbc and my personal outfits gonna come today or tomorrow. i hope.


last two

as i said i just will post those designers i really liked.

kilian kerner had some nice designs but they seemed more impressing live at the runway as a whole.
these are my favourites.

a-lab milano was a part of 'italien designers - next generation' and was a real surprise. i loved their designs so much i couldn't stop staring at the cuts, the tights and the accessoire the models were wearing at their heads.

especially the outfit on the left made me fall in love with it. isn't it just gorgeus?

wwell that's it. the rest either didn't leave an impact on me or didn't have enough favourites for posting. just some little posts will follow, containing pictures of anna, me, olga and one of julia (lost her blog. help?) and some party pictures of the fashion week closing party at .hbc with maishion , alice , dom and anna.

blogname change.

as i informed you before, i'm gonna change the name of this blog.

「 seven minutes in heaven 」

now is

high on kontrast.

let's see if i can change the url too but i am unsure because of my readers. what happens to those who don't follow me with google friends connect?

well let's go on

as i said, i will just go on with my favourites and spare the collections that didn't stay in my memory, may it be caused by my lack of brains or the collections lack of nice things. anyway.


patrick mohr

michael sontag

all in all, the collection was nice but i saw just one piece that convinced me. it is the coat on the right. it is pure love and i would do many things to get my hands on one.

i'm gonna go on with the other pictures in the next posts, otherwi


expect some (temporary) changes

i'm getting really exited now since the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week starts tomorrow.

if everything works out like i planned it, i will attend some fashion shows, including Patrick Morhr ,Mongrels in Common and many more.

since i was busy the last days, i wasn't able to snap some good outfit shots or anything and i want to save the designer pictures for after the fashion week, i will just show off my new necklace.

may gonna change it a bit tomorrow.

p.s.: i will probably change my blogname after the fashion week because 'seven minutes in heaven' does not fit the concept of this blog nor me anymore.


Kristine Barilli from Stylelikeu.com from Stylelikeu

there were moments when i really thought things such as 'i want to be her' because i think she is just SO amazing.

besides the fact that she uses 'like' so often when she talks.

and i noticed that all people who rely on black in their daily wardrobe like to mix textures and play with the silhouette they create. i love it.

tells me to save up mony inthe future to invest it on some diamonds regarding my closet.



ich glaube an die unsterblichkeit des theaters II

cardigan H&M shirt joy pants vero moda shoes vintage

just wore my new old shoes the first time yesterday.
a bit too small since they are 4 years old and a size 38 and my big toes hurt pretty much after some hours but i love them nevertheless.

when i left the house for meeting my friends for the evening, my outfit changed a bit.

leggins,cardigan,bag,scarf - H&M | dress - vero moda | necklace - ebay

p.s.: i'm in the progress of deleting old posts and pictures i published here since they do not fit myself anymore at all. also i am still translating my old posts into english now and then until everything is in english.