Right now I am still trying to figure out whether to start using this again or not.

- Old Introduction -

hey guys.
as you surely now, at last now, i am nadine from berlin.
right now (30th march 2010 , 00:42 am) i look back at beginning of march when i turned 20 and am just about to graduate from high school.
what will come afterwards, we will see.

i created this blog in july 2009 to have a place to rant and love things, to write down my feelings towards such things as clothing and music but not my private life or emotional state anymore. because that's what made me start blogging in the first place some years ago.

i don't know when it was that i started because my first blog is deleted since a long time now but i recall it to be around 2005, when i was around 15. back then i never took blogging serious and just spammed my friendslist on livejournal with uninteresting crap, stuff i wouldn't want to read on my friends pages, either.

here on blogspot, i don't force anyone to read what i post or even have a look on it or know about it's existance. i give people the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about certain things and first of all i hope to be, some day, inspiration to someone.
because, when i first started to read blogs abouth fashion i just liked what was posted but with time, looking at all those pictures i got inspired, was influenced and changed towards what i adored.
all i hope now, is, that i can do exactly that to someone else. that someone finds themselves among my posts and finally be the person they would like.

p.s.: i am really sorry about my twisted, f***ed up english. i am not a native speaker but i am trying. my english isn't the best, not even to be considered good but it still is my most favourite language because it makes me feel like i am able to connect to the whole world.