london 004

i'll just skip a day with the london outfits. you know that situation where i dislike an outfit you were just wearing some days ago? i hate it. or i suddenly start to dislike the outfit i am wearing but can't do anything about it.

so i will just show you this little outfit that's not really different from the first one but i'll do it anyways.

shirt shoes H&M pants C&A bag primark
julia with her awesome new topshop pants ! wanted them too but were sold out in my size..
and i SO want her shoes !

london 003 - 2010.07.21

following the next days i will show you some impressions of london ( i am waiting for the pictures marija took ) and some of my/our outfits.
i really love london and want to come back really soon so i have to start looking for a job as soon as possible.

pants C&A shirt new yorker shoes H&M bag primark scarf diy

would've looked better with different shoes but my feet hurt already and i wasn't in the posession of my new babies back then.

(back from) london 002

on the right you can see my new babies - named them fred and george but now i am scared that one of them will break. bought them in a gothic shop in camden.


sleep is commercial

guess i will finally (♥) show you the pictures i took at sleep is commercial's booth at premium. but i didn't take anough to show you everything since i thought they would update their website soon. well, didn't happen yet so we have to settle with what i have.
( i took all of the pictures myself but two i took from their myspace and facebook)

i really think i found my most favourite label 'till now. just hope they continue. ♥



i just remembered that, besides the pictrues of premium, i still have some street styles i wanted to show you !

well, here they are.

david of dandydiary

i didn't ask her name, but she worked at mbfw and i really liked her outfit and she was really really nice, too

LOVE her top!

still don't understand how she was able to wear that poncho in this heat !


limi & yohji yamamoto

Limi Feu Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection

to be honest i never made the connection between those two and never realized that she was his daugher..

please notice:
this is not the complete Limi Feu Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection but just some pieces i liked. which are mostly all of them, but.. duh.
expect more from her and her likes on this blog haha
although i still have to complete my posts about fashion week.... lazy me.

and i am SO excited to visit the limi feu store in london ! ♥