went to buy some things.
well, actually return a dress but since i couldn't get my money back i got some jewellery.
and those fox tails. they aren't the best ones but they were cheap (0.95€ !) and i somehow don't like real fur.
( i even got two in black and attached one to my cellphone. tihihi.)
don't know why, sometimes i get a bit pissed when i see people with real fur but i don't when i see real leather.
my mind is strange, i know. i don't understand me either, but i'm working on it.


  1. Ist bei mir genauso @ Leder. :'D

    Die Fuchsschwänze sind süß <3

  2. woher sind denn diese fuchsschwänze? ich finds auch gut das man sieht, dass sie nicht echt sind :)



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