cant spell it

because we missed his gorgeousness and because of my lack of posts.
i am sorry but i am taking my sort of a-levels right now and am realy busy / lack the inspiration to post anything interesting.

and my absolute favourite:


let the sun shine on your face in the city of your dreams

love this outfit.
swear i could wear it every day till i die and still love it because it is so comfy and looks great. at least in real life. the camera wrongs me all the time. and it DOES look better without the jacket but i failed to notice once we put the camera out because it was quite cold then.

dress cardigan H&M shirt new yorker shoes anarchic


musterung - hartmann nordenholz

got my eyes at hartmann nordenholz through a post by kindom of style and immediatly fell in love with some of the designs. just some as i said because -- i have to say that i never ever fell in love with all designs of one designer. every designer has at least some things i can't stand, at least i didn't experience it different till now.

love these grey pants but my favourite outfit of these is the one in the middle

and here, simple, black perfection:




katja from beesandballoons already wrote about them some time ago and that's how i got an eye on the laben in first place.

just now i got to really have a closer loock at the last collection and i have to say that i really really like it. you should notice that already because i rarely post about collections and stuff.


on the last picture i love the jacket on the left

love all three. altough the middle one always reminds me on star wars.

and this one is my absolutely favourite:


let me sit on your roof top and watch the stars with you

went to a party with my friends inga and nina yesterday.

sorry but i had to blur my face out because i can't control how my face looks when it is about my body pose. yep, that's how stupid i am.

shirt new yorker skirt H&M shoes vagabond bag a-lab milano necklace ebay

and here inga once again



met up with some friends to eat at a japanese restaurant.

hope to show you more pictures from today and yesterday as soon as i can get my hands on the ones on anna's camera.

sweater new yorker shorts H&M shoes anarchic bag a-lab milano necklace vivenne westwood

ah btw new skirt from H&M , 5€


rings rings rings

i love rings.

fortunately sarah from LuShae Jewelry send me a really great one some days ago and i am wearing it ever since.

i got a really small size because i own mostly index finger rings and wanted one to wear on my pinky finger or on a necklace.

the ring really feels soft at the skin, worn on my finger and i like the making as well as the design really much and despite it's little size it still seems robust. a must for my everyday life.

shoes shoes shoes

btw i DID decide on a pair of shoes

i picked these lovely ones:

and i just wore them the third day in row and i still love them. vagabond is a great brand.

i will get some vagabond heels for my prom since they are so comfy and i bet i will dance the whole night.


cut & etsy

thursday i met carlinka and saba and we went to the cut & etsy party

pictures made by carlinka and saba

i will show you next time what i created at the party (though it's just something really small and uninteresting)


pure perfection part ?

i bet you know the feeling you get when you have a look at your google reader after a long long day and stumble over a post that says anything but 'perfection'.

that's just what i felt when i got to see this post by zimtundzucker.
let me show you the pictures. their not really special but to me, still perfect.

your only friend is myspace

btw i reduced the name of my blog to just 'kontrast.' some days ago and changed my header a bit.

these days, i don't do much beside sitting at home, reading, or meeting friends, ending at a cafe and talking for hours. which i appreciate.
although i might start to work for school (which i should have already weeks ago, screw it) .

blouse skirt tights H&M shoes vintage bagdaniel ray necklace ebay

i had to erase the stupid look on my face, sorry. also excuse my strange way to stand. like an idiot or so.
the other girl in the pictures is my friend inga.