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i've developed some habits over the years. E.g. i constantly forget things at my friend's places. this time it's my camera and it's still at inga's. she does not know that though since it's currently 5.30 in the morning and she's asleep. i just arrived at my (locked) door and am waiting for my father to get up and open the door. but because I got nothing else to do, i am pre-writing this on my cellphone, hitting the light switch now and then. (still somewhat afraid of the dark) so. i decided, that this blog has to head into a different direction or it doesn't make any sense to keep it. but I am not willing to let go of my baby yet.

that said, i feel a lot better, though i guess i should at least give you guys a heads up and tell you that this will become a lot more personal and surely a bit more random than before and you should really consider if you still want to follow my blog and cope with all that. if you don't, feel free to unfollow me. no hard feelings.


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