so sorry sorry sorry

i am really sorry that i am neglecting this blog so much but i was at a family gathering on the country side for some days and right now everything is crazy with prom and preperations for london.

i'll try to get back to posting regularily, i promise.


pernille from pagik

those of you who read my blog for a while already may know that i post about other bloggers from time to time. AND that it happens pretty rarely (compared to others). it happens seldom that one single person amazes me enough to let me dedicate something to them

but this time, it is pernille from pagik. i even wrote her a mail, i felt like such a little fangirl but i happen to love her style so so much. may be because of the colours, may be the textures or silhouettes, i don't know.. it just happens to be this way ha ha

there is SO much more i could post but it would be easiest for you to look at her blog and become a regular reader. ♥

btw since i finished school it feels like all my english skills got lost. everytime i try to write more than a single sentence it sounds like total rubbish to me. boooh.

my look @ CSD

and this was my outfit. had to chose flat shoes since we looked forward to walking and dacing for hours.

later most of us danced without shirts because it was just so fucking hot and we were sweating like hell. but it was fun anyways and i enjoyed every second of it. besides the seconds when my pain killerst stopped working. (horrible toothache)

top skirt H&M shoes noname bag diy

twin look @ CSD

don't they look great? saw them at CSD last night and had to take a picture of them !



i'm the elephant i the room, stomping on all you love. but i don't care !

H&M head to toe - oh wait, shoes from monki.

top skirt H&M shoes monki

and marlene's awesome shoes:


shopping report

in the last two weeks i bought more clothes than i do normally in two month.. i should save up for london instead, duh.

5€ H&M | 10€ H&M - will be nice for the family meeting i will attend next week. it's supposed to be a normal skirt i guess but i wear it high waist so it looks really nice and like a dress worn with a tanktop

7€ H&M i think. i took off the pocket in the breast | 11€ vero moda

both 15€ H&M


last day of school

it wasn't really the 'last day of school' because that was already weeks ago. today they told us our grades so we know if we can graduate or not.
and hey, wil will graduate on 29th of june and the day after we will have prom

top skirt H&M shoes monki necklace diy


mini sweden once again ?

beim schweden.

even trying on mostly black clothes? buying winter things in summer? running straight to the sale rack at a shop?
well yep, that's me you got there.

bought - we'll see if i return it. you know me, i always have to get used to things that are not 'just' black..

bought, too. altough you can't see it really well....


something personal

i don't know who of you might even be interested in this but i'd like to show you people this because i have to show you why deep down i still believe in humankind even though we do horrible things to each other.

a week ago, there was a 'postcard' posted on PostSecret and till know over 50,000 people joined the  The Facebook group "Please don't jump.

"I have lived in San Francisco since I was young. I am illegal. I am not wanted here. I don't belong anywhere. This summer I plan to jump off the Golden Gate."


"Today (Sunday) at noon hundreds are meeting on the Golden Gate Bridge to take a stand against suicide at the very place where it happens most in the world. (You're invited, look for the yellow balloons and ribbons)."

there are just things like these that make me keep my faith and cry every time i read them.

sick of being sick

i may be free of all the stress that graduation was causing me but now i am missing things to do that would be worth leaving the house.
and what happens the one time that friends have time and there would be the opportunity to style up for something?
i get sick. i am sick of getting sick. it sucks. big time.

so, instead of myself i will show you some inspiration from sea of ghosts