bring mir den horizont

new mens cardigan from H&M, a grift from my dear karl
also, my new scarf. actually, scarves. i sewed two scarves together and now, it's length is twice as long as i am tall.


anywho manuella coat

Some of you may remember my good old winter cape.
Now guess what? It gets even too cold for Ol' Reliable.
It's time I get my search for a new, warm, long, cozy wintercoat started and if I had the money ( hey. it's christmas soon and I still need to get all gifts together !) I would SO love to get one of the coats the girls of anywho designed.

And I know, they get posted on nearly every blog these days and I'm really sorry you've got to see them again here, but I can't deny something good.
I really really like the 'Manuella' coat.