too many shoes to pick from

i will get a little bit money soon, just enough to buy myself some new vagabond shoes i fell in love with last week.

but till now i am not sure which ones to pick, partly because i never was able to chose fast and partly because i can't decide on model and colour because i don't know if it will fit in whatever my style is going to develop into.

guys, please tell me your opinion on that matter.

this flowers may take you to heaven

i know that it is SO not me but i really like it and it is just perfect in my eyes.
makes me want to get my hands on a floral patterned dress too.

just saturday i bought myself a lace covered skirt. what is happening, at the very last i'm gonna look like a girl?

these days i feel like i am in a deep 'down' fashion wise, anyway. maybe it is just a 'back to basic' time and i will built my style complettely new on this base. we will see where time takes us, huh.


camille rushanaedy

i've been a fan of camille since the first time i happened to look at her blog and her pictures.
it is her style which i love just as the character she creates through her posts.


and i hate it when you're not around

finally bought new sunglasses today with anna. she got two pairs and i got one but the pair i got is just perfect.
last week, i made the decision to not buy fake ray ban glasses again like last year (i broke two pairs in a month - bad luck?) but i couldn't help to buy one the same shape.

and yes i know that my forehead looks huge and i swear i do not wear this hairstyle - it was the wind blowing anna's and my hair into our faces.
plus, the frame looks pretty huge too which it is not in reality but i will show you sometime this week if there is time.

guckt euch mein auge an und ekelt euch hehehehe. nein. es tut weh und morgen kann ich nicht mit linsen in die schule.
dabei ist meine brille doch kaputt. mist mist mist.


i don't ca-a-a-are a-are oder so

unless you didn't notice it, i changed the font of my site so the links appear uppercase)

today, i met up with anna once again, what surprise.

first we just wandered around kudamm but weren't able to buy sunglasses to protect our blinded (i refuse to use 'to dazzle'. got'ya fu*kers) eyes because there weren't any that caressed our faces.

instead we sat and drank our beer and talked. talked a lot which i appreciate everytime we meet.
later we got dinner at ishin, a japanese restaurant where got to unleash our urge to take pictures of everything again. same procedure as every time, james. (mostly because she still has her friends dslr camera)


a weekend can damage your brain

i have to admit that i am not the biggest fan of vivienne westwoods clothing designs but i really love her orb pieces (?).

may be caused by my early love for the japanese comic 'nana' in which the artist made her characters wear many accessoires and clothing pieces by vivienne westwood.

this weekend, the bookfair in leipzig took place and i could finally get my hands on some 'nana' merchandise again, this time the lighter, one of the characters wears all the time.


the best thing about a picture is that it never changes evenwhen the people in it do.

you can't imagine how happy i am right now. i have both sound AND internet back again. but still no photoshop altough i installed everything again. at least i could edit the pictures i took monday at annas place. yup, we met up and i could take some nice pictures of her. normally i would edit them more, like reducing the saturation and so on but.. well i told you more than once about that problem.

so let me introduce to you once more: anna.


but despite of all my struggles

i finaly was able to leave the house again. my fever is gone completely and left is only a slight pain when i swallow.

so what did i do? grab a coffee with friends, take amazing pictures with both inga and anna, who hopefully will upload those on their blogs soon (esp. inga, nearly every picture turned out amazing ! ) and afterwards i went to the cinema with inga spontanously to watch alice in wonderland in 3D.

i was worried if i would be able wto watch it in 3D since i suffer from motion sickness but it was alright and went by without problems. happy nadine is happy.

pants H&M sweater new yorker shoes vintage bag a-lab milano necklace ebay

this outfit was really random and was supposed to show everyone 'i am still sick and i will have to lay down as soon as i am home to avoid death from fever but i couldn't stand my bed anymore'.


a quick mind-breaker

many reports in blogs and (online-) magazines are telling soon-to-be-bloggers how to blog to get readers, to get popular. how they should write and design their blogs, their entries, everything they publish.

bullshit, so to say.

i don't think too highly of these 'tips'. a blog should reflect the writers personality and it's interests more than what the writer thinks, people want to see/read.

else, every blog would end up looking the same and sounding the same and reflecting the same old boring kind of writer because everyone turned into the same boring person since not only does a writer affect it's blog but also does the blog affect the writer behind the scenes. and this is not only for 'runway'-blogs but also 'personal style'-blogs and so on.

just something i had to write down.

peace out.

btw: it already happened that somebody mentioned people that are 'famous' and 'popular' and 'well known' in the fashion blogging scene and i was just like: wth? because none of those names were familiar to me haha guess that just shows how uninterested i am in the 'normal' taste regarding blogs or how far i live behind the moon ( dunno if you know this proverb in english but it fits so nicely)


i DO miss some things

i am always sorry for neglecting my blog for some reasons. this time it just happened that i got sick.
it started some days ago with a sore throat and just yesterday i got really high fever, which is gone now luckily. i hope it won't come back too soon since i can't stay from school for too long.

i just wanted to inform you about my current state but something else came to my mind.
the perfect shopping window i spotted with mimi last week at zara.

altough i already told you that black is starting to bore me and i need more feminine clothes, this window just got me.