winter 0.1

i took this video the other day on the way to my friend's place.
it's not really, that i'm into all that christmas related decorations - i'm usually not even in the mood for it till it's over - but i do love to look at all those 'normal' light installations. when the whole city is covered in those tiny little lights (at night) it's one of the most beautiful things i've ever seen.

on a bit more unrelated note: it's getting freakin' cold over here these days so i began to get my hands on some nice warm basic things like long-sleeves, thermo leggings (let's see how long i can put off wearing real pants this year) and such.
one of the things i was looking for was a new cardigan. i once owned the perfect one from h&m but i managed to lose it some months ago and since then i was on a desperate hunt for a new one. sometimes i would even buy one but always end up returning it. now i finally settled for one from zara, though it's not 'perfect'. well, it's the closest it can get.

what i got myself, too (though it doesn't even has sleeves. but let's ignore that.) is this awesome vest. worn over my new long-sleeve like dress, it keeps my torso really warm. you saw it already in my earlier post.

changes 0.1

i've developed some habits over the years. E.g. i constantly forget things at my friend's places. this time it's my camera and it's still at inga's. she does not know that though since it's currently 5.30 in the morning and she's asleep. i just arrived at my (locked) door and am waiting for my father to get up and open the door. but because I got nothing else to do, i am pre-writing this on my cellphone, hitting the light switch now and then. (still somewhat afraid of the dark) so. i decided, that this blog has to head into a different direction or it doesn't make any sense to keep it. but I am not willing to let go of my baby yet.

that said, i feel a lot better, though i guess i should at least give you guys a heads up and tell you that this will become a lot more personal and surely a bit more random than before and you should really consider if you still want to follow my blog and cope with all that. if you don't, feel free to unfollow me. no hard feelings.




went to buy some things.
well, actually return a dress but since i couldn't get my money back i got some jewellery.
and those fox tails. they aren't the best ones but they were cheap (0.95€ !) and i somehow don't like real fur.
( i even got two in black and attached one to my cellphone. tihihi.)
don't know why, sometimes i get a bit pissed when i see people with real fur but i don't when i see real leather.
my mind is strange, i know. i don't understand me either, but i'm working on it.

late night thoughts

sometimes, it 'shocks' (more like surprise but i miss the right word right now) me when i notice, that there are still 'kids' out there, getting into vk NOW.
some day i have to really realize that it wasn't a phase thing at the same time for everyone and that everyone got out of it long ago.
well, not everyone, but you get the point.

i loved that time and all my friends did, too but i don't now anyone anymore that's still into it, except for the music maybe.

and then i see pictures of 'kids' (the most of them are kids but we all know those creepy 30ish people on cons, right?) looking like we did back in the day, when we stil haven't got the hang of it and posing like we did. man, those were really emberassing pictures and they probably are still online and i wish nobody important ever sees them again, or something but when it comes down to it, i would stand behind what i did. because that still is my life i'm living and i wouldn't want to change anything.

sometimes i wish back those times.

i bet i'm not the only one out there thinking like that about their old 'scene'.