something to remember summer

louisa (♥) and i at weekday opening party back in july


beige - light

i guess you all know very well that i am more of the .. 'black' type of girl..
but when my eyes fell on this picture, i just fell in love with the outfit.
not that i would feel comfortable in it, but i do think it is really pretty.


blah blah blah - SERIOUS QUESTION !

do you ever get confused?
about styles i mean. sure, there are people who sport more than one style..

thing is, i don't want my blog to be different day to day but to go into one direction only, style-wise.
that's my problem. there is this ideal i have in my head. how i want my style to be one day and then comes something that is just so.. great that i am willing to abandon my ideal. but i never know if my affection for this other style will be for longer or just a week and then i get tired of it. i never know.

so i always keep myself in this little box, surrounded by my ideal. and i'll never know.
the day i decide to just dress from day to day will be the dead for this blog, i bet. though i am not too active these days, either. sorry about that. i don't see the point in getting dressed up really. i still need to look for internships and part-time jobs but i have none right now so i don't have many reasons to leave the house since i don't have a train ticket, either. can't do anything. so all i do is watching tv shows, drinking tea or reading some murakami. which isn't that bad at all.

anyways, still main question: do you know this dilemma?

plus: i can't even afford to have different styles. i don't have the money OR the space haha

well that's it for now, i guess. never wrote that much at once for this blog. never wanted it to be too personal and focused on inspiration.


make me drunk every day, every week till i wake up again

my actual intention in the second picture was to show you how 'big' those pants are irl but i failed because i can't do the splits haha
+ the colour is so fucked up. did the best i could, sorry

hat blouse H&M pants diy bag vintage shoes noname