"What I dream of is a man like a mirror."

every girl thinks about the kind of boyfriend she would like to have. that's natural.
even those who are happily taken think about the things they like about a boy and how these fit their current other half.

when I think about all this I realize that I once would like to meet a boy who has the same taste in things that I have.
I don't just mean his taste in music, movies of free time activities ( aka sitting cuddling on front of the tv screen drinking hot kakao with marshmallows) but also style-wise.

a guy that doesn't look out of place besides me on a picture.
but still, a man does not need to fit my style to please me. eventhough at least some kind of style is kind of important to me.
he has to care about his appearance at least a little bit.

what do you think?

we lived our lives in black.

I like lindsay. whatever one may say.

by the way, I try to sell some things I don't wear anymore. actually things I would never wear again in my lifetime because they dont't fit my style anymore. at all.

i only sell them within germany. in some cases I would sell them withing the european borders, just ask.

via I think


let's kick some asses legally at the moshpit ♪

my style still is not what i want it to be.
a lack of money and time is the most crucial reason for this.

i guess i will fully grown what i want to be just after i finished school and started working.
which would not lead me to a lot of money and time but i would not have the pressure anymore that school (or better my schoolmates) put me under. ok dont think they threaten me or anything. it is just that in school i like to blend in a bit more.
in my school are people who get deterred by a special appearance that i may have. people i still would like to know.
an example for this is me not wearing my favourite platform heels to school.

whatever let me just show you some pictures of some girls with awesome style.

via my awesome friend み

and again you can see that i am a huge sucker for black. love it.
people who are not used to it may not see what i love about those outfits.. but i hope some of you do since i am ill and too tired to explain it haha

ps: i may not attend the deine jugend concert today. unfortunately. as i said, i am ill. :(


I got a victim of mystery google and IMMD

since I am a picture loving person I will spare you a mass of text and just show you something

the first one is me some weeks ago. most important: accessories! I just love overloads of bracelets and rings.

unfortunately I always forget to note the source of the pictures I am saving. if you see something and remember, please tell me !

at least I know that the last one is via thefuckingfucks