changed my hairstyle

so i spent my time watching the hills. and then switched to the city because i love whitney and hate kristen. and miss lauren. i did that on mtv.com but now i can't watch the second season because i do not love in the fucking u.s. i mean w-t-h? are you kiddin' me? hate that. and i can't find a site that allows me to watch the season. hate hate hate. hate mtv right now and stupid copyright bullshit.

and yeah, that's me actually without any make up or kind of real hair styling. but without glasses, whoohoo.



someone please give me money? haha


it was just yesterday

that's how i went out to meet some friends.

sweater veromoda skirt H&M shoes vagabond necklace bag diy


twentysevennames II

i already posted about them but i just saw these pictures on fashion squad and had to share them with you.

dom dom doooom.

Inga says: you banana
Inga says: 10 days ago, your blog turned 1

dom dom doooom.
yep, it did. and i actually would like to give you guys something back but i can't think of anything. maybe i will, but nor right now. partly because i am stupid and partly because i would like to give you something awesome, but can't afford it at all. sucks. sad face.
blah bla bla.

now, imagine a completely in black dressed girl standing in the sun and taking a picture of her shadow. awkwaaaard.
did it anyways.

btw i just had my oral exam today about math. first task was all right exept for one thing and second task sucked big time. but it will be enough to pass, i guess.

sweater veromoda shoes monki



i will spend a week in london this summer. any tips or places i need to see or shops i need to visit?


as promised once again

aaand here're the japanese designs i promised.
besides the first two pictures, those deisngs are from vivienne westwood.

vivienne westwood 2000 & christian lacroix 1990 & vivienne westwood 1986

tokio kumagai 1984

rei kawabuko 1983

martin margiela ( ouuuuh one that's not japanese. wrong folder but still great) & yohji yamamoto 1984 (love the black one)

yohji yamamoto 1998

rei kawabuko/comme de garcons 1984 ( LOVE LOVE LOVE)

if i would've lived back then

today i picked up a great book from the library. it's about the history of fashion from 18th to 20th century and actually has some awesome things in it.
beside the japanese designers which i will show you in a seperated post, i want to show you some great 'vintage' pieces.

jacques doucet and anonymus, 1903

paul poiret, 1920 & 1923 (isn't it cute? looks just like a nice piece for nowadays, shortened)

felice rix 1920 ( i really really like the upper part somehow) & madeleine vionnet 1937

christian dior 1947 & jean-paul gaultier 1987

christobal balenciaga 1967 & christian dior 1956 (i wouldn't mind this for my prom)

christobal balenciaga 1961 & claire mccardell 1950 ( a bathing suite haha)


my bag my bag my bag

my face looks horrible in this one. bet i was still thinking about a position when the photographer took it. gnaaaah.
it's from wednesday, when i went to a DIY event from Etsy with my friend Geany.

ayways, in it you can see the bag i did at the event. it's nothing big but since i am a minimalist sometimes i just made one with my blogname and a 'n' on the upside.
they way i wrote the blogname was a little accident but i like it.


as i promised

shirt top H&M shoes monki tights diy


picked up this amazing mesh shirt last week at H&M. finally. after more than a month of avoiding to buy it but now it finally got on sale. hah.

i try to make a real outfit picture later.


another filippa

can you believe she is only 15?
girls like her make me want to be 13 again and be able to start completely over style-wise.