more than one

..reason why it got so silent on here.

1. Right now I am never the first one in office so I can't take any webcam pics without anyone seeing me goof around.

2. my phone is kinda broken shittyshitshitshit

3. my wallet got stolen so I am busy with getting my ID and all that back together.

perfect mug shot.



planning a big tattoo for my right thigh. my appointment is in two weeks. I am freaking out a bit.

also I decided that I want these areas to get some ink in the summer/autumn. 
I like the idea but got no motive yet and I don't need to rush things.



broke my phone's camera. Webcam + instagram oh yeah. 
and because my back is basically fucked and I may got Spinal disc herniation I was kinda down yesterday so I got myself a new vest and reonvented my TEAM WOLF vest.