late night thoughts

sometimes, it 'shocks' (more like surprise but i miss the right word right now) me when i notice, that there are still 'kids' out there, getting into vk NOW.
some day i have to really realize that it wasn't a phase thing at the same time for everyone and that everyone got out of it long ago.
well, not everyone, but you get the point.

i loved that time and all my friends did, too but i don't now anyone anymore that's still into it, except for the music maybe.

and then i see pictures of 'kids' (the most of them are kids but we all know those creepy 30ish people on cons, right?) looking like we did back in the day, when we stil haven't got the hang of it and posing like we did. man, those were really emberassing pictures and they probably are still online and i wish nobody important ever sees them again, or something but when it comes down to it, i would stand behind what i did. because that still is my life i'm living and i wouldn't want to change anything.

sometimes i wish back those times.

i bet i'm not the only one out there thinking like that about their old 'scene'.


  1. the old scene was better, I think. I don't like all the scene kids which means they are elite. And I always thought you looked awesome earlier. You were not one of these ugly... vk kids.
    I'm still into the music but I think, everyone changes. But the new ones... I can't understand it somehow, but sometimes, I really miss the time.

  2. Well, actually I don't miss those times.
    It was a great time and I look back at it with a smile. But I'm happy how things are now.
    That I'm not as thoughtless as back then.
    Some weeks ago I checked my documents on my computer and found some old photos. Even some together with you. x) haha
    We looked so different in comparison to today.
    Really embarrasing. But I wouldn't be who I am without that past. :D


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