'cause we all know, my name is dorothy

the video. this happens when i am at work and there are now customers. i get bored pretty easily.


more than a preview and inspiration

not the best picture. :(
it was dark when i arrived and the flash light of my camera sucks big time. and the extra thick leggins make my legs even bigger than they already are haha whatever, as long as it's warm.

some guys at a party later were flashed by me not wearing black.
(i want to change the dress abit, make it a bit more balloon-ish)

and this is ms inspiration. ms eri.


dots all over - preview

got rid already of the clothes in my last entry. it just wasn't me and it never will, that's for sure. got some other things today which i see a bright future for in my wardrobe, esp paired with some special shoes ♥ and a very great bag from london. :)
when i get time to wear it, i will show you the inspiration aswell.

when i come to think of it, maybe i'll do a whole post of inspiration about one special blogger, very soon. just with her postings, she made me realize a bit more who i want to be someday. at least style-wise.