just some to fight the boredom

unlike many other bloggers (. . . . and many more ), i haven't had the chance to 'test' the new glamour phone by samsung.

but i just received the reminder mail from samsung with the picture anna and i took with the models at fashion week berlin last month.


i don't care what you think as long it is about me

i'm just posting this to give a place to one of my most favourite models again on this blog and to show off how well the colour of the shirt goes with ash's hair and skin-colour.


will you keep me warm and dry while the worl's rain is pouring down on me

the year just started and already turns out to be great !

in may i will visit hamburg for a day and will explore monki and weekday since i haven't had the chance till now.

and just two month later in july, i'm going to visit london the first time in my life ! furthermore, i will go with a friend of mine. i never went to a different country without my parents, i am exited! a bit scared, too but exited haha

i had a look at the shop's home page's and at monki i already picked some things i would like to buy although i neither will have enough money nor will they still have these things in store .. it's still 3 month, right? does anyone of you know how long they keep collections?

i dont care too much about the jackets on the top and the shirt with the zipper, altough they are all great but one has to desice when the money is little so i try to get my hands at least on the blouse-dress and the awesome shoes.


living in a winterwonderland

sitting at inga's pc right now, watching superbad and.. craving chocolate. a bit. and my feet are cold.

cape vintage C&A shoes 1plus1 bag a-öab milano

btw those are my new shoes. got them on sale for only 13€

i always wonder about my legs. do i have just many muscles or just skinny ankles? i guess both.
i don't like it but one has to live with what god darwin has given.


nothing's more random than a tuesday

i always wondered why google analytics showed me 'stylekingdom.com / referral' as source for many page visits so i gave it a try and looked it up just a few minutes ago.

it seems like i was linked under 'Germany´s Best Fashion Blogs' at Stylekingdom. i dunno why i am and since when but damn. that made me smile, honestly haha

btw i met up wth maishion, dominic, van anh and anna today to grab a coffee, talk and just hang out.

the only group picture was taken when anna already had left, sadly.