sleep is commercial

guess i will finally (♥) show you the pictures i took at sleep is commercial's booth at premium. but i didn't take anough to show you everything since i thought they would update their website soon. well, didn't happen yet so we have to settle with what i have.
( i took all of the pictures myself but two i took from their myspace and facebook)

i really think i found my most favourite label 'till now. just hope they continue. ♥

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  1. Hey Nadine,

    just want to let u know that they won the Young Designers Award last year and presented their unisex S/S 2012 collection 'Sakura City' this year :)

    Also their website has a new appearance:


    aaaaand until the next summer is coming you can get inspired in their store & atelier 'PastPresent' at Köpenickerstr. 96 :))



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