MBFW day 1

went to:
Marcel Ostertag
Lena Hoschek
Christina Duxa

i really liked the Marcel Ostertag show. Lena Hoschek was kinda nice too, but i liked the last collections way more. and christina duxa.. do i have to say anything? don't think so.
maybe i will post about the collection by Marcel Ostertag if i find time after fashion week.

BTW ! i met so so so many nice people, i can't even count them ! just two i was especially happy about were Kalinka and Lari, because they both read my blog and i am always happy to meet someone who actually likes what i do. that way i can think about these people when there is a moment i don't see the point in it anymore. because in the end i enjoy it and it has a reason.

part of the crew: Alice, Louisa, Nam , Mai

find me ?

anna + i LOVED his outfit



at some point we had around 3 different bags and then i payed premium a visit and came home with (felt) 10kg of luggage

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