london 004

i'll just skip a day with the london outfits. you know that situation where i dislike an outfit you were just wearing some days ago? i hate it. or i suddenly start to dislike the outfit i am wearing but can't do anything about it.

so i will just show you this little outfit that's not really different from the first one but i'll do it anyways.

shirt shoes H&M pants C&A bag primark
julia with her awesome new topshop pants ! wanted them too but were sold out in my size..
and i SO want her shoes !


  1. die sehn echt toll aus, aber 100 ist schon n happen für schuhe^^

  2. deshalb will ich sie ja wieder loswerden XD

  3. Somehow all your outfits look similar, nevermind in which entry. lmao.

  4. aaaargh wie gemein, die sind sooo toll!!!! aber größe 39? verdammt, viel zu groß, manno :((

  5. 100??????
    hahahahahah no!

  6. @anonym: that's 6€ less than i had to pay. that's why i want to get rid of them haha

    @mila: thank you

  7. ich hätte dir einen ebay-shop zeigen können, wo du die für knapp 40 bekommst...


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