michael hastreiter

i already told you that i met awesome people at fashion week this year and some of the people got introduced already and some will be soon.
one of the ones you've already seen on here is michael. at first i took a picture of his outfit because it was all black and we all know i dig that shit, 'aight? ( here, you're allowed to laugh out lout. do it ! ) but the next days i noticed i liked all of his outfits so i decided to do a little feature post about him - which is presented to you right now.

these two are my favourites !

got the second picture from anna actually because i had trouble finding him in the tent and i was under stress


  1. schön geworden. tolle reihe. ein hoch auf männer mit style. ♥ michael!

  2. I can't imagine it being that hot in Germany! When I visited there was a blizzard going on, but you're pretty lucky actually because London is cooling down and its raining at the moment.

  3. hej, freitag abend schon was vor? wenn nicht:


    wenn du interesse hast; einfach schreiben und ansagen, wie viele karten du willst :)


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