this song leads your memory to long forgotten times

now i am finally done with all the fashion week entries, skipping those about what we got at the shows itselves like totes and so on.

which leads us to yesterday.

sweater new yorker circle scarf diy skirt H&M tights C&A shoes vintage bag a-lab milano

i LOVE this tote. got it at the 'italien designers - next generation' show and it is from a-lab milano, the designer i liked best at the show.

met up with some friends and dragged inga again to take pictures of me just like the last two times or so.
but still i tried to take some decent boredom shots when i arrived home. again in the bathroom, since the light in there is the best in the whole flat.

btw i may be returning my cam. it is just really annoying that everytime i take pictures with flash there is dust on the lense eventhough i cleaned it. seems like a system error or anything.

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