last two

as i said i just will post those designers i really liked.

kilian kerner had some nice designs but they seemed more impressing live at the runway as a whole.
these are my favourites.

a-lab milano was a part of 'italien designers - next generation' and was a real surprise. i loved their designs so much i couldn't stop staring at the cuts, the tights and the accessoire the models were wearing at their heads.

especially the outfit on the left made me fall in love with it. isn't it just gorgeus?

wwell that's it. the rest either didn't leave an impact on me or didn't have enough favourites for posting. just some little posts will follow, containing pictures of anna, me, olga and one of julia (lost her blog. help?) and some party pictures of the fashion week closing party at .hbc with maishion , alice , dom and anna.


  1. hm?
    hast du das fenster auch auf vollbild vom explorer?
    bei mir ist alles normal


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