finally, let's meet again...

hat tights skirt bag scarf H&M oversized top orsay shoes vintage

wanted to wear my new fur thing i wanted for weeks after seeing it on my friend.
oh and the first time for me to wear grey tights. actually I started to collect nice tights. i'm gonna make an update about them soon. like. today ? we'll see.
and the hat is not mine, i 'lent' it from a school-buddy some weeks ago and i'm gonna give it back tomorrow. bye bye hat ♥
at first i wanted to wear pumps with that outfit but since there is pretty much snow on the streets and i didn't want to slip, i chose those flats instead.

sad eye-make up is sad.

i really like today's outfit even though i would have loved to wear it with these babies:


i just have shiny white ones but i am definately gonna get myself a pair when i am in london in july.


  1. haben die gleiche tasche ich liebe sie :D
    liebste grüße

  2. Das erste Bild erinnert mich so stark an Schule, das gibts gar nicht. Die Art der Fenster, der Boden...typisch Berliner Schule...

  3. schickes outift~ *__*
    ich stalk dich jetzt auch hier, wenn du gestattest! X3


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