some days ago i found these shoes on ebay when i was looking for wedges.

they remind me pretty much on the Jil Sander FW07 heels i saw on some amazing bloggers..

when i first saw them on camille's blog i wasn't sure how i felt about them but i saw them again and again and started to like the edgy look they create.. if i would have some extra money right now, i would consider buying the ebay shoes and painting them black. but that's definately something i will think about when all birthdays are over.


  1. Gorgeous shoes! No doubt about it :)

  2. wow awesome!
    i love those shoes!!!!!!!!

    ich bin am freitag bis sonntag da :D
    ich werde bei maishion (www.maishion.blogspot.com) übernachten :D

    wollen wir uns vielleicht alle so am samstag treffen und zusammen zur fashionparty der projekt gallery gehen :)????

    love, alice


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