a quick mind-breaker

many reports in blogs and (online-) magazines are telling soon-to-be-bloggers how to blog to get readers, to get popular. how they should write and design their blogs, their entries, everything they publish.

bullshit, so to say.

i don't think too highly of these 'tips'. a blog should reflect the writers personality and it's interests more than what the writer thinks, people want to see/read.

else, every blog would end up looking the same and sounding the same and reflecting the same old boring kind of writer because everyone turned into the same boring person since not only does a writer affect it's blog but also does the blog affect the writer behind the scenes. and this is not only for 'runway'-blogs but also 'personal style'-blogs and so on.

just something i had to write down.

peace out.

btw: it already happened that somebody mentioned people that are 'famous' and 'popular' and 'well known' in the fashion blogging scene and i was just like: wth? because none of those names were familiar to me haha guess that just shows how uninterested i am in the 'normal' taste regarding blogs or how far i live behind the moon ( dunno if you know this proverb in english but it fits so nicely)

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