but despite of all my struggles

i finaly was able to leave the house again. my fever is gone completely and left is only a slight pain when i swallow.

so what did i do? grab a coffee with friends, take amazing pictures with both inga and anna, who hopefully will upload those on their blogs soon (esp. inga, nearly every picture turned out amazing ! ) and afterwards i went to the cinema with inga spontanously to watch alice in wonderland in 3D.

i was worried if i would be able wto watch it in 3D since i suffer from motion sickness but it was alright and went by without problems. happy nadine is happy.

pants H&M sweater new yorker shoes vintage bag a-lab milano necklace ebay

this outfit was really random and was supposed to show everyone 'i am still sick and i will have to lay down as soon as i am home to avoid death from fever but i couldn't stand my bed anymore'.

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  1. freut mich dass es dir wieder besser geht :D

    bald sind ferien, treffen? ♥


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