and i hate it when you're not around

finally bought new sunglasses today with anna. she got two pairs and i got one but the pair i got is just perfect.
last week, i made the decision to not buy fake ray ban glasses again like last year (i broke two pairs in a month - bad luck?) but i couldn't help to buy one the same shape.

and yes i know that my forehead looks huge and i swear i do not wear this hairstyle - it was the wind blowing anna's and my hair into our faces.
plus, the frame looks pretty huge too which it is not in reality but i will show you sometime this week if there is time.

guckt euch mein auge an und ekelt euch hehehehe. nein. es tut weh und morgen kann ich nicht mit linsen in die schule.
dabei ist meine brille doch kaputt. mist mist mist.

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