pernille from pagik

those of you who read my blog for a while already may know that i post about other bloggers from time to time. AND that it happens pretty rarely (compared to others). it happens seldom that one single person amazes me enough to let me dedicate something to them

but this time, it is pernille from pagik. i even wrote her a mail, i felt like such a little fangirl but i happen to love her style so so much. may be because of the colours, may be the textures or silhouettes, i don't know.. it just happens to be this way ha ha

there is SO much more i could post but it would be easiest for you to look at her blog and become a regular reader. ♥

btw since i finished school it feels like all my english skills got lost. everytime i try to write more than a single sentence it sounds like total rubbish to me. boooh.

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  1. das sind wirklich sehr tolle Outfits <3

    habe gerade im neuen eazy Magazine von deinem Blog gelesen und dachte ich schau mal vorbei :)
    schöner Blog!

    sarah from www.madame-lala.blogspot.com


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