if i would've lived back then

today i picked up a great book from the library. it's about the history of fashion from 18th to 20th century and actually has some awesome things in it.
beside the japanese designers which i will show you in a seperated post, i want to show you some great 'vintage' pieces.

jacques doucet and anonymus, 1903

paul poiret, 1920 & 1923 (isn't it cute? looks just like a nice piece for nowadays, shortened)

felice rix 1920 ( i really really like the upper part somehow) & madeleine vionnet 1937

christian dior 1947 & jean-paul gaultier 1987

christobal balenciaga 1967 & christian dior 1956 (i wouldn't mind this for my prom)

christobal balenciaga 1961 & claire mccardell 1950 ( a bathing suite haha)


  1. These are gorgeous <3

    I love to look at Books like that..just beautiful :)

  2. das letzte ist ja suess!

    ich will es |D


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