your only friend is myspace

btw i reduced the name of my blog to just 'kontrast.' some days ago and changed my header a bit.

these days, i don't do much beside sitting at home, reading, or meeting friends, ending at a cafe and talking for hours. which i appreciate.
although i might start to work for school (which i should have already weeks ago, screw it) .

blouse skirt tights H&M shoes vintage bagdaniel ray necklace ebay

i had to erase the stupid look on my face, sorry. also excuse my strange way to stand. like an idiot or so.
the other girl in the pictures is my friend inga.

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  1. ich LIEBE deine tasche! bin schon lange auf der suche nach solch einer. und die bagels bei mc café: TOP. besser als das ganze fettige zeug bei mc donalds.


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