I got the mic and you got the moshpit ♪

I started to translate my posts into english since I feel the urgent need to practise more.
English still is one of the most beautiful languages in the world for me and sometimes I even feel it easier to express myself with than german. Strange since german is my mother tongue, huh?

Anyways, I am still not done with more than 3 entrys or such because of the lack of free time.. well there is free time but it is eaten up by watching True Blood online, watching O.C. California Season 2 and the radio play of Twilight*. All of then in english beause of the reasons I already explained. I plan to pass my A-levels in english. It's my major course.

Well here I bring some pictures to you I took today as I went to a cocoa picnic I prepared with my friend Marlene and Olga as surprise ! (You should really check out Marlenes blog!)

Olgas stuff and Marlene with her brand new Zara pregnant coat!

wearing H&M all over besides my necklace and two rings

creeeepy !

*p.s.: as for twilight I have to say I kind of enjoy listening,reading and watching it but looking at it for real makes me thing it is the worst crap ever. and actually, it is. everyone who thinks that twilight is a great novel more than a story about a masochistic barbie vampire wanting to eat this mental retarded girl is really fucked up. sorry but thats my opinion.

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  1. omg HAHAHAHA I love that cat picture... it is amazing. hahahahaha <3

    and I really like how comfy and awesome your outfit is at the same time. I need to find my black scarf!


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